We build our customer’s vehicles to ride any trail.  With access to thousands of parts and skilled custom work, our team can help you upgrade all areas of your vehicle, from horse-power increase to cutting-edge recovery equipment to built-in sleeping quarters.

Vehicle Lift

Tailor your vehicle’s height and suspension for your terrain, whether your path goes over ill-advised rocks or across the country on extended camping trips.


Extra lighting, a fridge for pit stops, solar paneling - install the electrical accessories you need or the ones you didn’t realize you wanted.


Repair or replace your manual transmission. We can help you with:


Set up your drivetrain to handle the high torque and variability of tough terrain, whether reinforcing, adding lockers to your diff or changing your gear ratio. We can perform any drivetrain service you need, including:


Upgrade the outside of your vehicle with anything that can be welded or bolted on. Undercarriage protection? Check. Recovery equipment? Custom racks? Bad-ass exterior? Check. Have us install:

Engine and Exhaust

Increase your horsepower with our engine and exhaust services. These include:


Enhance your stopping power and responsiveness or reinforce your lines. We perform all brake services, including:

Routine inspections/repairs

Have us perform routine inspections and repairs, from oil changes to service checkups.